I'm Lebanese but I study in Canada for university and last night I had a revelation of going and transferring to AUB and you, Lebanonymous were a fresh graduate there. No face though, you were more of a drawing with only a nice smile because you're supposed to be anonymous! It was an amazing dream and I just thought I should share it!
by Anonymous

What a lovely dream - one of the nicest messages I’ve gotten! And not too far off :)

I'm going to Beirut to work this summer. Your blog is basically what I aspire my life there to be like. Ciao ;)

Love hearing this kind of stuff! What kind of work are you doing?

Number one question I get about Lebanon in America:

"So…is it all desert in Lebanon?"



we (MELANIE+JULIE+ME) be in Beirut from 20march-1april ... wanna party ?

shiit wish i saw this before, coming back any time soon?

LOVE your blog :)
by Anonymous

why thank you ;D

I think what you're doing here is great, absolutely love the url too. You're so clever! I'm currently living in Lebanon as well! We might be crossing each other's paths and we wouldn't even know it. This is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm so ready to embark on an adventure and really discover this place. Anything you recommend?

thanks so much!! i love that you enjoy it! i’ll have to think a bit about how to discovering this place because there’s so much to do! what are you into? and are you in school or just traveling?

love love love your blog. makes me miss beirut even more

thanks! love love love yours as well :)

You've got a lovely blog )) It's always refreshing to find a great tumblr that's also run by someone Lebanese or half Lebanese ! xx

im trulyy loving yours as well! sublime, salvador dali, nirvana…keep it up :)

I think I've gone a little overboard reblogging pretty much your whole blog. Don't mind me, it's just perfect

haha i dont mind at all, reblog awayy :):)

you're probably half hispanic or white

maybe so, maybe so  

Whats your the other half of your nationality?
by Anonymous

if i told you it would ruin the anonymity! :)

Just find your blog thanks to 'Lebanon Aggregator', and I just want to say that I LOVE it!! You are a very good photographer, there is a soul in your pictures, you have to show them at a galerie. You will think that I'm crazy but with your permission, I'm ok to help you and try to find a galerie at Paris to expose your pictures. Just keep shooting as you did and hope to hear about you asap. Steve AR (steve.abourjeily @ gmail com)
by Anonymous

well thank you very much for your appreciation :) i hope you know that, while i do take most of these photos, some are reblogged from others. also, i am not sure if this is a scam or not :P

Thanks for answering my question !! Yes I know il lebnanyeen tend to be a little too materialistic. Do u think as an American highschooler who has no friends there at all, ill have a hard time?? I mean you know the city best, u live there and know the people. I just want someone to be straightup with me about the lifestyle haha. Thanks again ! And sorry for bothering !
by Anonymous

don’t be silly, it’s not a bother! i think it will be like any place where you’re starting out new; sure there are snobby people, not gonna lie. but at the same time, think about this: there are a lot of people who are in the same exact position as you. lots of new freshman travel here from abroad. once you get used to it and meet a few people, you’ll be fine - promise :)

i LOVE THIS. the name. the photos. everything.
by Anonymous

thank you so much :)

I absolutely LOVE your photos!

aw shucks ;) thankss